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Re: SearchResultReferences

Geiman Gilbert-GGEIMAN1 wrote:
Does OpenLDAP support SearchResultReferences?

Yes. (Of course!)

If so, then say a search
results in a reference (not a referral) to one or more additional URLs,
with no objects being found in the initial search.  Will the
SearchResultDone associated with the initial search have a resultCode of

No. Read the LDAP RFC http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc4511.txt section 4.5.3. The only time a search will return noSuchObject is if the base of the search was not found.
(I assume the same answer would then also apply to any
subsequent searches initiated as a result of a reference if no matches
were found in those searches but they in turn resulted in additional
references.... True?)

Why assume anything, when the specs are so readily available?
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