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Re: lt_dlopenext failed: (back_ldbm.la) file not found

On Thu, 2006-06-15 at 12:10 +0800, enforcer wrote:
> i configure openldap-2.3.24:
> ./configure -prefix=/usr/local/ldap --with-ldbm-module --with-ldbm --enable-ldap --enable-modules
> make depend && make && make install

./configure --help will tell you that to enable back-ldbm you'll need
--enable-ldbm, not --with-ldbm

> uncomment slapd.conf:
> moduleload      back_ldbm.la
> database ldbm

You also need to make sure "moduleload" can locate the module, so you
might either need a full path to the module, or a "modulepath" directive

> ../../sbin/slapadd
> lt_dlopenext failed: (back_ldbm.la) file not found
> slapadd: bad configuration file!
> /usr/local/ldap/etc/openldap/slapd.conf: line 66: <database> failed init (ldbm)!
> slapadd: bad configuration file!
> i try find  back_ldbm.la into my disk, but it cant find.

You need to compile it first; to compile it, you need to enable it.

> If i try compile /tmp/openldap-2.3.24/servers/slapd/back-ldbm
> # make
> answer: run configure with --enable-ldbm to make back_ldbm

That's what I told you above: unless you specify that option, back-ldbm
will not be compiled.  By defult, it doesn't get compiled any longer as
it is considered obsolete.  BTW, back-ldbm has been removed from
OpenLDAP 2.4.

> How can compile with modules?

Follow my instructions, or those automatically given you above by the
Makefile, or those in the Admin Guide, or...

> 2. How can upgrate openldap 1.x to openldap 2.x.
> i have convert ldbmcat into ldif, and try   slapcat. But schemas are
> different. Who convert schemas?

You?  Note that if you used standard track schema with OpenLDAP 1.X, and
your data complies with standard track schema, your problems should be
limited to a minimum.  On the contrary, if your data took too much
advantage of the sloppiness in enforcing schema that characterized early
implementations of OpenLDAP (essentially, those of UMich's), then don't
even think of finding a tool that automatically sanitizes data.


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