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RE : Re: Trace the change on the directory

  I have upgraded my openLdap to 3.2.24, and auditlog work better now. The first time I did'nt see overlay auditlog in the list (config parameter), so I just added line auditlog ..../trace.log 
  so thx now it's work .

Aaron Richton <richton@nbcs.rutgers.edu> a écrit :
  Reporting that you got an error with "overlay auditlog" when attempting to
use auditlog would have been A Really Good Idea relative to reporting "it
don't work". Including your slapd.conf in the first message, which also
would have shown the missing directive, would also have been A Really Good

Now, it's likely "not your fault" in that you could well be
--enable-overlays and auditlog didn't go in anyway. ITS#4372. Upgrade to
2.3.24, add "overlay auditlog" and try again.

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