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Re: Synrepl on 2.3

1. You don't have debug sync on, please see "loglevel" in slapd.conf or -d
option or similar. You should see "do_syncrepl" and "do_syncrep2" in the
slave log. This may or may not be enlightening to your investigations.

2. Although the log shows that slapd added in entryCSN, your original
specifiction of "*" almost certainly should be "*,+" or omitted ("*,+" is
the default). Unless you really don't want operational attributes for some

3. Once you have "sync" logging, you should see a do_syncrepl on the
slave correlating to when you see

> Jun 13 17:24:50 balor slapd[72432]: conn=0 op=1 SRCH attr=*
> structuralObjectClass entryCSN

on the master.

4. Your log snippet doesn't show a RESULT from that search. If this is the
case, the syncrepl client search never completed, so of course the
syncrepl client never got its data. You could verify the search is in
progress with logs (the simple absence of a RESULT line) or, if you want
to be a bit more hands on, with something like pstack/dbx/gdb. Your
options are (i) wait patiently or (ii) figure out why it's taking so long.
Toward the latter, I'd make sure you have "index" directives congruent
with those suggested in slapo-syncprov(5), and have remembered to run
"slapindex" (or slapcat/rm/slapadd'ed again) after altering index config.
I'd also make sure you're running a high performance backend, such as bdb
or hdb with an appropriate DB_CONFIG file. There is lots of information
about OpenLDAP tuning in the FAQ-O-Matic and the list archives.