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RE: openldap backend to Web Services?

Thanks a lot Judd,

And thanks to everyone else who contributed to my question.
Actually I think most relevant is building a perl or shell
thing....obviously no one has done it yet...so I guess I gotta go through
I thought I might not have to "reinvent the wheel" :)
I dunno folks, it seems that the original poster wanted to access the
Web service via a standard LDAP client querying a standard LDAP server,
and we should be recommending backend-perl or backend-shell.

I've been considering using the same, but was scared off by (a) having
to possibly recompile perl and (b) reading somewhere about the
experimental status of both backend-perl and backend-shell.  I've been
extending perl's Net::LDAP::Server to accomodate my needs, but it's a
lot of work.

How many folks are relying on backend-perl, and is it recommended?  If
I'm not looking at very high server loads and read-only, will I be
saving myself much worry and effort in the long run by using