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RE: openldap backend to Web Services?

If you're using perl there are a few existing modules out there too:


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> Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 4:34 AM
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> Subject: Re: openldap backend to Web Services?
> Kifah Abbad wrote:
> > i am working on a project where i need to prepare a backend from a
> "virtual ldap server" to a propietary application with SOAP-WS interface
> to the world.
> > I am hearing about SQL backends for OpenLDAP...are there existing
> solutions for web services...or simply XML files, that could be extended?
> DSML is an XML language designed to represent directory data (v1) or to
> express directory operations (v2). The JLDAP Java libraries hosted by
> OpenLDAP and Novell provide DSML reading, writing, and service
> capabilities.
> http://www.openldap.org/jldap/
> My own JLDAP-based framework can support REST accessible calls to DSML
> representations of data:
> http://www.mentata.com/ldaphttp/
> Since this problem is not OpenLDAP specific, you may want to try a more
> general forum.
> Jon Roberts
> www.mentata.com