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At 08:14 AM 6/6/2006, Lise Didillon wrote:
>I use now openldap-2.3.19.
>Why do I have to "#define LDAP_DEPRECATED  1" in my program (writen for openldap 2.0.27) to use ldap_init, ldap_add, ldap_add_s, ldap_bind etc....??

The requirement for the defining this macro to use deprecated
interfaces is intended to ensure the programmer is aware they
are using a deprecated interface.  Some discussion of why
particular interfaces were deprecated may in the devel and/or
software list archives.

>The only thing I see in the man ldap (3) is that the library in ldap version 2 by default, and ldap_init, ... has diseapered from the list of functions.
>where can I find a documentation on the new API  and how to replace the deprecated functions?

At present, the documentation in this area is quite lacking
(contributions welcomed, see below).  Basically, if you cannot
figure it out on your own (by examination of <ldap.h>, provided
client programs, man pages, software/devel list archives, FAQ,
other means), you should ask this list for help.

As you figure things out, feel free to contribute <ldap.h>
and/or documentation updates to help those who come after
you out.