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Re: syncrepl error Resource temporarily unavailable

> slapd, only the first level of the tree is sync. Using debug (slapd -d
> I'm using openldap-2.3.20 on provider and openldap-2.2.26 on consumer
> syncprov-sessionlog 100

Well, running a provider with a session log on anything earlier than
2.3.22 will be pretty painful. Bump up your provider to 2.3.24,
reinitialize your slave, and check for sync.

If changing the provider doesn't fix it alone, I'd say there's a chance
this is ITS #3542. (Maybe not -- I forget whether that was a consumer or
provider side issue.) Upgrade to 2.2.30 or, better yet, 2.3.24, and see if
you still have problems.