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Re: Unrecognized Control:

At 11:00 AM 6/5/2006, Rob Becker wrote:
>Why would one version throw this error and the other version not?

This message is a warning provided by modern versions of slapd(8).
Older versions did not provide this particular warning.   The
warning is saying the client attached an unrecognized control
(OID provided) to a request.  As the result code was not
unavailableCriticalExtension, one can assume the client
specified the control as being "non-critical" and that the
server ignored the control in its processing of the request.

As you did not configure slapd(8) with support for password
policies, this warning is quite normal.

Given you are upgrading from a older version which didn't have
password policy support, you should simply ignore the warning
and persue other reasons why slapd(8) is reporting that
the provided credentials are invalid.

Assuming the provided entry copy is accurate and complete,
it may be simply that the entry contains no userPassword