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install - make test - bind slapd problem


I currently trying to install openldap on linux (centos). I've already installed openssl, 
cyrus-sasl version 2.1.22 and berkeley db 4.4. 

I've followed openldap install procedure 
make test

make test is failing however. slapd doesn't start, getting bind error.

slap_sasl_init : SASL library version mismatch : expected 2.1.22, got 2.1.19

i've checked /usr/lib and looked like i've had a couple of versions of sasl, 
so I removed link to 2.1.22. does the default version of openldap for linux 
install sasl?

Anyway, i tried 'make test' again, got error

[root@devpc-tm1 slapd]# ./slapd
init_config_attrs: AttributeType "( OLcfgOvAt:1.1 NAME 'olcSpCheckpoint' 
DESC 'ContextCSN checkpoint interval in ops and minutes' SYNTAX OMsDirectoryString 
SINGLE-VALUE )": OID could not be expanded, 0�]       gOvAt:1.1
slapd: overlay_init failed
slapd destroy: freeing system resources.
slapd stopped.
connections_destroy: nothing to destroy.

any help resolving this issue greatly appreciated