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Re: search mechanism in openldap

Kamal R. Prasad wrote:

I am working on a software that wishes to generate hierarchial information
from a relational database. It is also supposed to accept queries like (get
me objevt from this tree AND this tree) or (get me object with attribute
value = X and object with attrval = Y).

I found that openldap already has this functionality. However, I have no
requirement for the data to be accessed across machines as the ldap protocol
enables. Is there anyway one can bypass the ldap server to achieve this
functionality -or where exactly is this functionality present?

Just run the slapd server with a local-only listener. The query language that LDAP supports is part of the protocol definition; you can't feed in those queries without using the LDAP protocol.

Does openldap optimize searches in some way? Who exactly handles the
searches when a client sends in a request? is it slapd or berkeley db4? What
is the performance overhead of running slapd on the same box just to get
this functionality?

Berkeley DB is obviously not a relational database, it knows nothing about filters or query languages. It sounds to me like you haven't read enough documentation yet to warrant one approach or another. If you're worried about performance overhead, the only thing to do is actually run it and measure it to see if it meets your requirements.

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