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RE: Building C++ sdk on Solaris 9

It worked!
It seems like a combination of both - replacing the "missing" script and
using gcc in place of sunstudio's cc - fixed the problem.  I moved the
folder to a new machine, installed the relevant packages (gcc,libtool,
autoconf, etc.) there and ran make.. voila!

Thanks for all your help! I am now one step closer to sanity.


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Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2006 11:58 AM
To: Peter DSouza
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Subject: Re: Building C++ sdk on Solaris 9

> > "configure" did show one warning for the "missing" script that comes
> > bundled with this version -
> >         openldap-2.3.23/contrib/ldapc++/missing: Unknown `--run'

Well, the copy of "missing" in openldap-2.3.23/build appears to support
--run. Maybe try syncing that over
and see if you get a useful warning. Of course this might royally mess
your build environment; tread lightly.