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Aliased value of attribute


I use OpenLDAP since 2 months. I use it to manage users in order to authenticate to several applications.
I added an multivalued attribute called "InetServ" which is in charge of giving access or not to one or another application or web service. Until today this attribute had Distinguished Name ( type. As the name of service can change, this solution is not satisfying since dn would become wrong in all entries containing the dn of the service.
So I would like to know whether it is possible or not to modify the type of this attribute so that it could be an alias pointing to the value of an attribute containing the name of the service. Therefore if the name of the service change, I am not obliged to change it in all entries.

This feature would be very useful.

I hope my question is enough clear.

Thank you for your help.

Emmanuel Aubert

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