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Re: 2.2 -> 2.3: syncproc, syncrepl production quality?

--On Thursday, May 25, 2006 6:29 PM -0700 Jed Donnelley <jed@nersc.gov> wrote:

I'm wondering if we shouldn't switch our production services back to
slurpd until syncrepl
is production ready?  Switching back all our replicas would be a real
pain, so I'm willing
to try just upgrading the master and then even upgrading the replicas one
at a time if needed.
However, if we still have problems then I'm thinking that we might be
better off going
back to slurpd.

Does anybody else have any experience to share regarding the production
quality of
the sync-repl code?

I've been using delta-syncrepl in my test/development environment for several months. I plan on moving my production servers to using delta-syncrepl in the next month or so, and stop using slurpd. I consider it production ready with the 2.3.23 release, which fixed up some issues that were particular to delta-syncrepl.

The issue fixed with syncrepl itself in 2.3.22 was most particularly affecting one person with an interesting setup, but it is always worthwhile to run a version with the fix than to not have it, I think....


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