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Re: Mirrormode feature in CVS code

Frederik Padjen wrote:
Hello everyone,

I have been checking out the CVS 2.4 HEAD code after reading this
post to the list from Howard Chu. I am interested in High Availability
for OpenLDAP, the mirrormode feature works great and does exactly what
I need it to do. I have tested it pretty thoroughly and would like
to use it in production, however, i cannot do so until it arrives in
the stable tree. Are there any plans or a timeline when this feature
will appear in a stable release? Even a rough estimate would be very
helpful. Thanks a lot for any replies in advance!

What I posted before is all there is to say, really. You can get a supported version of this feature in the Symas CDS packages. You can also get the feature in 2.4. If you're using this software in a critical production environment it is probably wise to get support. 2.4 will go stable when it's ready; there's no set timeline for that. I consider 2.4 fairly incomplete feature-wise, and I expect that codebase to undergo a fair bit of upheaval still.

I'm of course confident that this particular feature is usable; we've tested it heavily and Symas has a number of customers already using it in production. But I have no expectation of adding it to 2.3 since 2.3 has been feature-frozen for quite a while now, and is in bugfix-only mode.

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