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openldap 2.2.23 packaged with Debian Sarge

I've seen Quanah comment that he'd like Debian to stop using the version of BDB they do. I've also spoken with people on #openldap who cautioned against stable's (sarge) version of OpenLDAP.

I built from source (2.3.4) a while ago and everything worked great for quite a while. Until I split that RAID drive, changed IPs and built a second box with that hard drive; identical hardware and software -down to the bit :)- and one of the two identical boxes would kill its slapd process with no log, no warning, and nothing in an strace. Imagine my frustration.

So I'm going to start down the road of building from source again, but my experience with that left me wanting. If it weren't for Quanah's help on #openldap, it likely wouldn't have happened. As Debian is the lazy sysadmin's friend, I was hoping someone could point out the specific pitfalls of running their packaged version. Are there reliability issues? Database integrity issues? Performance issues? Our installation is somewhat small, so if sarge's version fails under 500k record loads, that's not a concern.

I'd just really like to have the expert's opinion of the caveats with the Debian version. That's currently 2.2.23.

Thanks a lot!