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Re: Default slapd daemon configuration

Thank you all for your answers.

It's weird but initially there was only one file called slapd.conf on my 
computer and it was located at /etc/openldap/.
Apparently, thanks to (appropriate) debug mode (I must not have used the 
good one before), I verified that the daemon was trying to use 
/usr/local//etc/openldap/slapd.conf as you said.
But even modifying this file wasn't the solution, neither was -f to 
force it to use another file (my files were still not taken into account).

I don't understand why but after rebooting my computer, slapd was 
refusing to launch as before but in fact this time it was accepting my 
modifications on slapd.conf!
It wasn't using default conf anymore.
With debug mode, I was able to debug my slapd.conf (finally readed by 
slapd) and I succeed in launching the daemon as I wanted!
I always thought rebooting was a miracle solution only for Windows (not 
for Linux). :)

Really thank you, I was thinking I will never manage to do it. :D
Aaron Richton a écrit :
>> inefficient, the configuration is always the one described in
>> slapd.conf.default. My modified file is simply not taken into account.
> I
> Try "slaptest -d 64" and pay special attention to "reading config file"
> lines to see what's actually being used.
> .