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Re: LDBM VS. BDB on OpenBSD 3.9

On 5/10/06, Quanah Gibson-Mount <quanah@stanford.edu> wrote:
And again why I say that people who use distro-packaged OpenLDAP to run it
as a server are nuts, because it will always tend towards being old and
unreliable.  There were a lot of problems with the 2.3.11 release, and
forcing that on end users is a disservice to them and the OpenLDAP

I agree with the concept, especially considering the amount of work being put by all the developers of OpenLDAP, don't get me wrong ...

This statement of course excludes any distro that actually works to keep
their distribution up to date, of which I think I can name 1...

Well on FreeBSD, there is a choice, from the current ports :

2.2.30 client and server
2.3.21 client and server

So maybe the one you were thinking about might have been FreeBSD :)