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Re: several LDAPServers working with one Database


Selon Frank.Offermanns@cae-gmbh.de:

> Hi List,
> i am working with Windows LDAP Version 2.2.29.
> I can start the servers, but when i try to connect to them e.g. via LDAP
> Administration i can connect to only one server.
> On the other servers i get "Lock Table is out of available locker entries"

I'm working on the same platform and have the same kind of problem so I'll be
glad if someone has a clue! I was testing replication issue when the error
"Lock Table is out of available locker entries" occured. So I've a couple of

1) I first try to eliminate the problem by following this advice:

> I searched the List and found suggestions of increasing the locker entries
> like this:
> I had this same problem a while back and fixed it by adding the following
> lines to my DB_CONFIG:
> set_lk_max_locks 2000
> set_lk_max_lockers 2000
> set_lk_max_objects 2000

So I've created a DB_CONFIG file in my database directory but the system seems
not to recognize it. Is there something I've done wrong?

2) Then after deeper documentation about locker issues, I've run db_stat -c and

1045    Last allocated locker ID
0x7fffffff      Current maximum unused locker ID
9       Number of lock modes
1000    Maximum number of locks possible
1000    Maximum number of lockers possible
1000    Maximum number of lock objects possible
266     Number of current locks
272     Maximum number of locks at any one time
999     Number of current lockers
1000    Maximum number of lockers at any one time
4       Number of current lock objects
12      Maximum number of lock objects at any one time
38389   Total number of locks requested
38116   Total number of locks released
0       Total number of lock requests failing because DB_LOCK_NOWAIT was set
0       Total number of locks not immediately available due to conflicts
0       Number of deadlocks
0       Lock timeout value
0       Number of locks that have timed out
0       Transaction timeout value
0       Number of transactions that have timed out
368KB   The size of the lock region
0       The number of region locks that required waiting (0%)

Seems like my system create a lot of uneeded lockers that persist even after
reboot. So here are my questions:
- does someone understand why so much lockers are created during testing (that
means starting/stopping slapd server a lot)
- does someone know how to get rid of them?

Thanks for your help.