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Re: ldapsearch returns nothing after upgrade from v2.0.27-11 to v2.3.20

--On Tuesday, May 09, 2006 9:59 AM -0400 Brian Gaber <Brian.Gaber@PWGSC.GC.CA> wrote:

After installing version 2.3.20 and running slapcat to populate database
with data from version 2.0.27 I get this on a test search:

Have you updated your ACL's to the 2.3 syntax? Have you examined the log files?

I assume you ran slapcat with the 2.0 slapcat, and then used the 2.3 slapadd when creating your DB..

And I'll note that the current release is 2.3.21, it seems it'd be more worth your while if upgrading to at get the most current release. ;)


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