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Re: slapcat userPassword export

At 08:01 AM 5/4/2006, Victor Trac wrote:
>I'm using slapcat to make nightly backups of my LDAP directory, but I
>seem to be having some problems with exporting the userPassword
>slapcat prints:
>   userPassword:: e01ENX1TQ3lCSGFYVnRMeHRTWC82bUVrZU9BPT0=
>instead of
>   userPassword: {MD5}SCyBHaXVtLxtSX/6mEkeOA==
>Is slapcat improperly exporting this attribute?

No.  It's just using LDIF's base64 value encoding option, as
indicated by the '::', for this attribute.  Any decent LDIF
parser should be able to handle it.

This is discussed in the FAQ at:

(note: though these FAQ entries are discussing ldapsearch(1)
output, same applies to slapcat(8) output)

>I'm using slapd 2.2.23 on Debian 3.1.

I note that 2.2 is historic.