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problems with dyngroup on OpenLdap 2.2

I'm currently using the 2.29 OpenLdap version for Windows and I'm trying to set
up dynamic group. Since I've seen no entry for dynlist overlay in the manual
for the 2.2 version I've just tried to use dyngroup as defined in the dyngroup
For example, I have something like this:
dn: cn= group1, ou=groups, dc=ariane, dc=net
cn= group1
memberURL: ldap:///ou=people,dc=ariane,dc=net??sub?(objectclass=*)

The URL given comply to my scheme but the only way I've figured out to test my
group is to see if  members have token the proper security settings and they
don't (whatever the kind of members I try to put in).

I'd already encountered this problem once on the windows version with
GroupOfUniqueNames which didn't worked properly and I had to use  GroupOfNames

Anyone have experienced this or can give a hand understanding this? Thanks in