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openldap proxy / spreading load to same suffixes / startup problem

Dear listmember,

I experience some problems getting an openldap proxy up and running.

Currently I do have three ldap instances (a,b,c). Only on "a" modifications
are possible, no user access allowed. "b" and "c" are replicas (done with
syncrepl) of "a" and read-only user access is allowed there.

After reading the openldap admin guide Iam not sure if it is possible to
have openldap proxy configured in way, that it is spreading the load to
multiple ldaps containing the same data (and pointing to the same suffix)
in a way of loadbalancing (weighted round robin?). I learned that this
should be possible for different suffixes, but is it true for the same
suffix too? I want the proxy(ies) to point equally to "b" and "c" for the
same data in a round robin setup (may be even capable of detecting dead
instances for failover reasons).

Also, if I try to startup the proxy, I keep getting

backend_startup_one: starting "o=mysuffix"

which is repeated serveral hundred of times and results in a segmentation

My proxysetup is very simple:

database ldap
directory /home/ldap
suffix "o=mysuffix"
rootdn "o=mysuffix"
uri "ldap://ldap.in.my.domain/";
overlay pcache

The directory exists and is writeable, ldap backend and overlay pcache
has been compiled in and the ldap-host is accessible and up/running.
Version 2.3.20 is in use.

I would very much appreciate, if someone could shed some light on
these two questions.

Thanks alot in advance!