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Re: core dump with syncrepl in 2.3.20 and 2.3.21

Marc MacIntyre wrote:
Running a bdb backend and sync replication, I was getting a core dump on the consumer whenever there was a modify or delete on the producer (though NOT on add).  I traced it to the lack of a "searchbase" entry in the consumer's slapd.conf - adding searchbase="" seems to have fixed the problem.  (Happened with db

Looks like line 611 of backend.c (in 2.3.21) is the culprit:
            if ( strcmp( be->be_nsuffix[j].bv_val,
                &dn->bv_val[dnlen-len] ) == 0 )

Can anyone reproduce this? Seems like the kind of thing the config parser should check for - core dumps are so unfriendly.

Pretty odd, since the top of the loop already checked for be->be_nsuffix[j] being NULL, and dn->bv_val also should be non-NULL. (Zero length, ok, but not NULL.) But yes, any time you get a core dump you should file a bug report on the OpenLDAP ITS. Please also provide the relevant part of your slapd configuration (along with the stack trace) so we can reproduce the problem.

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