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Re: getting started cn=config troubles.

Eric Irrgang wrote:
There are two easy ways to build the files for cn=config.

1) Use both the '-f' flag to point at the classical slapd.conf type file
and the '-F' flag to specify where you want cn=config constructed.

2) Load the ldif file with your config info into the cn=config backend
with 'slapadd -n0 -l config.ldif' or whatever you've called it.

Note that (2) is broken in OL 2.3.21. I don't know about 2.3.17. I
haven't gotten to try it yet, but I assume you also have to specify '-F'
when you run slapadd if you want the cn=config directory built in a
non-default location.
Looks like (2) has been broken since 2.3.13.

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