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Re: requesting clarification of slapd.conf-versus-slapd.d configuration

Eric Irrgang wrote:
On Thu, 20 Apr 2006, Howard Chu wrote:

Regardless of any existing config directory, when both flags are
specified, the slapd.conf file is read and written out in config
directory format. If there were any other conditions on the behavior, it
would say so. Since there is not, it does not.

With OpenLDAP 2.3.21, if I change the 'dbconfig shm_key #' in slapd.conf

First of all - don't do this. The shm_key should only be set in slapd.conf, not in DB_CONFIG.

and then restart slapd with both '-f' and '-F' the
slapd.d/cn=config/olcDatabase{1}bdb.ldif file does not get updated and a
new DB_CONFIG file is not generated. It seems like when a valid config
directory exists the '-f' option isn't being considered. I can't seem to
find any change I can make to the slapd.conf file or the slapd.d files
that make a difference as to whether slapd.d gets generated again. Are
other people having different experiences or should I do some more digging
and open an ITS?

The use of "-f" and "-F" together is only for creating a new slapd.d. Once it's created, the slapd.conf file is ignored. If you want to convert slapd.conf again, delete the old slapd.d first.

Actually, I seem to be having a variety of problems.  I imagine I'll have
to poke around with this a little while to see what all is going on...

'ldapsearch -b cn=config'? I figure there are fundamental problems with
the notion of a 'slapadd -l config.ldif' but functionality to convert ldif
to slapd.d the way slapd.conf is converted to slapd.d by specifying both
-f and -F should be reasonably simple. Maybe some code to handle a
'-L config.ldif'? Is this already done or underway or would such a
contribution be in line with the current road-map?
Already done. Just do "slapadd -n0 -l config.ldif"

Maybe I'm missing something. Not only does that not work for me, but I can't see how it would without code to notice the absence of a config directory. Or maybe it would work fine if there were already a valid config in place, but it doesn't seem to work for bootstrapping a config.

Wouldn't "slapadd -n0 -l config.ldif" try to open database 0 specified in
the default config file before ever parsing config.ldif? What I'm getting
at is that it would be nice to simply say

Database 0 is the config database, and its existence is hardcoded.

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