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Re: Problem with replication in many databases

> replica uri=ldap://
> replica uri=ldap://

It's been quite a while since I've used slurpd, but I recall the uri (or
possibly just the hostname, like I said, it's been a while) was a primary
key for it. So in your config only one replica would run. I ended up
working around with a bunch of aliases. (The need for this hack was a
strong motivator for me to switch to syncrepl.) Your example is RFC1918
space so you probably don't want to publish CNAMEs, so something like (in
/etc/hosts on the slurpd machine):		slave slave-db1 slave-db2

and then in slapd.conf,
replica uri=ldap://slave-db1
replica uri=ldap://slave-db2

and so on. See if that helps; otherwise somebody with more current slurpd
knowledge might offer a correction.