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ldap user management

hello list

I'm running a slapd 2.2.26 version.
I've add some datas.
For the moment, I have only two users. Adminstrator user, and a read user.
I doesn't allow anonymous read acces.
But now, I would like to add some others distinct read account with specific
write acces on their own datas.
I think that I should must add the following read and rights acccess in the
server configuration file slapd.conf.
But if I had more and more user, does I need to have each time theses rights
in the server configuration file and restart the server ?
Or their is another way to add access rights in the server management?
Furthermore, does you know some specific ressources about users rights
access on ldap?
I'll be glad to share your experience.
Thanks in advance for your help and please accept my apologyzes for my poor
Best regards