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slapo-accesslog logpurge doesn't purge

My OpenLDAP 2.3.20 is configured as 

	database bdb
	suffix          "cn=accesslog"
	directory       /shared/openldap/accesslog
	rootdn          "cn=manager,o=isp"
	index           reqEnd,reqResult,reqStart eq
	index           objectClass     eq
	index           entryUUID,entryCSN      eq

	database        bdb
	overlay     lastmod
	lastmod-rdnvalue "Lastmod Modification"
	lastmod-enabled yes
	suffix          "o=isp"
	rootdn          "cn=manager,o=isp"
	index	...
	overlay syncprov
	overlay accesslog
	logdb cn=accesslog
	logops writes
	logpurge 02+00:00 00+01:00
	logsuccess TRUE

I note that no purging of the entries in cn=accesslog is taking place. Have I
got the logpurge directive in the wrong backend definition?