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Re: rewrite rule in slapd.conf

> Hi, all
> I need "rewrite rule". For example, when client try authorize as
> uid=A,ou=all-users,o=org I want check this uid in two containers:
> uid=A,ou=local-users,o=org and uid=A,ou=ext-users,o=org. Is it
> possible?
> I read about referral and subordinate. But I want use it on one server
> and in one database. Is it possible?

Yes, although not trivial.  You should try something like

database <any>
suffix "ou=local-users,o=org"

# ...

database <any>
suffix "ou=ext-users,o=org"

# ...

database meta
suffix "ou=all-users,o=org"

uri "ldap:///ou=all-users,o=org";
suffixmassage "ou=all-users,o=org" "ou=local-users,o=org"

uri "ldap:///ou=all-users,o=org";
suffixmassage "ou=all-users,o=org" "ou=ext-users,o=org"

The meta database will split each request in two branches, rewriting the
"ou=all-users,o=org" virtual DN into the "ou=all-users,o=org" and
"ou=ext-users,o=org" real DNs, merging the results.  You might be in
trouble for example with adds because of non-unique target database


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