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Migrating passwd users on Cobalt RaQ

What I need is for my Cobalt RaQ users to be able to authenticate
against my Postfix server for SMTP, which uses a 2.3.20 server now. In
case you not aware, the Cobalt RaQ 4 is a Linux 2.2 based server
appliance by Sun. There is the openldap-1.2.9-6 package installed on the
system, but I believe I tested one of these with openldap2 a while back
and was able to get it running, I think it was 2.0.27, I would have to
try 2.3 now.

My question is about migration of these users in a standard unix passwd
file. I understand there is a tool from PADL, but I also understand
there is back_passwd module. I am wondering if my goal should be to
migrate all to my 2.3 version already running on a FreeBSD server or
provide the passwd backend and setup Postfix to talk to each RaQ server
as well for authentication. The Cobalt is currently the user management
server, for me to avoid building another user management GUI, I could
hack the cgi GUI to pass password changes to the 2.3 server or, again,
is the passwd backend the way to go? Just looking for advice, thanks in