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dynamic update permssion

Hello. Recently I have been working on a web application for contact
management. It is possible for the user to access a web page and configure
the access options (permission, ACL, whatever you call). The result is
written to a file in slapd.conf format (access to what by who ...)

The problem is everytime the user wish to update permission, I have to
restart ldap. This is not good enough because this ldap server runs many
clients, if one of these clients needs to update access control, we have to
restart ldap, which must be done in the evening.

Is it possible to write permission to an external file so that slap can read
dynamically, like .htaccess apache has done, or is it possible to ask slapd
to reload configure file without stop running by sending a signal? I
searched over the manual and didn't discover any useful information yet.

Thank you very much in advance. Using version 2.1.30

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