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Re: slapcat old and new + schema conflicts

matthew sporleder writes:
> I am attempting to use slapcat to create an ldif of my 2.1 database.
> When I use the modern (2.3.21) slapcat on my 2.1 database, it
> complains about schema conflicts.

Yuck.  Don't do that.  To access your database files, use programs from
the LDAP version (and preferably installation) which created the

> The 2.1 version, however, does not complain.  (This is also true of
> slapd, which is a little more expected)

Right.  2.1 was rather lax about checking for schema errors.
3.2 is far stricter.

> slapcat(2.1) -f 2.1.config.conf -l output.ldif
> slapadd(2.3) -f 2.3.config.conf

That's the right way.  And after the slapcat, edit output.ldif and/or
your schema files to fix the various schema errors 2.1 incorrectly
accepted but slapadd 2.3 complains about.