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Re: slapd no response

--On Wednesday, April 12, 2006 8:30 AM -0700 Taolizhong <a12zengl@yahoo.com> wrote:

  Thanks Quanah. I had to use kill -9 because slapd hadn't responsed to
any other signals. In addition,  as I mentioned in my first message, I
even tried to recompile the package and ran "make test" (without
installing it).  The test failed to start slapd. Does possible corruption
of my BDB environment affect the test suite?
  I have a tape backup of the directory that contains the data files, do
you think a simple restore will work? Also I have a LDIF file that
contains the database dumped by slapcat. It is helpful to restore the
database environment? We are also running a slave server which appears
still functional (the slurpd was stopped due to the failure of the
master). Can I use it to restore the master server?

This first thing you should do is try the db_recover option I outlined. It recreates the BDB environment. Note that some data that had not been checkpointed may have been lost. If that is the case, then you will want to remove the current BDB database and use slapadd on the LDIF file to recover it.


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