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Re: number of slave ldaps a master can have

--On Wednesday, April 05, 2006 3:52 PM -0700 Moe <moe_w90@yahoo.com> wrote:

Im currently using openldap 2.2.28 and i have one master and two slaves
using slurpd.   Im going to start adding more slaves and it's  expected
to reach 80 slaves total.   Can i upgrade to LDAP 2.3?
  Not familiar with syncrepl. How can it make the  management of the
slaves easier?

I would advise reading the OpenLDAP 2.3 administrators guide at:


syncrepl is a replacement for slurpd that does pull based replication. I.e., the slaves connect to the master, and pull down changes, rather than a separate process running on the master pushing data to the replicas.

You may also wish to read over the Symas Tech Tips at:


Specifically, the:

Replication Strategies document


Delta SyncRepl Replication Configuration


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