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recently I switched from 2.1.4 to 2.3.19.

Everything works fine as expected, only one application raised a problem:

using the application the following search filter arrived on 2.1.4 in the log 


now on 2.3.19 the following message occurs using the same conditions on app 


If one enters substrings in _all_ filter attributes (givenName, sn, 
telephoneNumber) everything is ok again.

XXXperson is a self-defined object class.

I've searched the archive to find relevant information and found some threads 
regarding search filters and "undefined", but did not realize who they could 
be related to my problem. I have just found out that the reaction of the 
server is ok because the search filter is not incorrect (it just won't match 
any result).

Any Objectclass and attribute is wellknown on the server. I have noted the 
different "p" instead of "P" of objectclass name in the log, but this should 
not count.

So I'm searching for a hint of the different behaviour on the server side 
which could cause the problem on the application side (which is some kind of 
java application which us not under my control).

I guess the behaviour could be releated to ldap V2 versus V3 (V3 says that the 
SubstringFilter _must_ be present, I miss the same statement in V2).