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speed of storing in openldap

	Tru64 Alpha ES40 844 mhz w/16gig mem openldap 2.2.20 bdb 4.3.27
	RHEL4 dual zeon 2.4 pent w/2gig mem openldap 2.2.13 bdb 4.2.52
      BDB backend in both cases

The alpha builds the db in about 25 mins adding about 30
entries a second where as the linux box takes many hours
at about 1+ entries a second. This according to the syslog
file. I see no diffs. in the openldap config file. I am
sort of stuck using what comes with rhel4 right now (I know,
it is older version). Any ideas how I can speed up the linux
version? Should I be using bdb DB_CONFIG options and/or openldap
options. If so, what should I use? Thanks in advance!