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Re: OpenLDAP Triggers.

> databse with LDAP. I wanted my shell scripts to be executed whenever there
> is an update to the LDAP database.  LCUP seemed to do the job, but it is

Consider an overlay (see servers/slapd/overlays directory for examples),
probably something along the lines of...

static int myoverlay_response( Operation *op, SlapReply *rs )
/* you say "update"? modify? add? modrdn? change here */
        if ( op->o_tag == LDAP_REQ_MODIFY &&
                rs->sr_err == LDAP_SUCCESS) {
                system("my shell scripts");
        return SLAPD_CB_CONTINUE;

Of course you would be VERY well advised to rewrite "my shell scripts" in
thread-safe C or use mutexes liberally.