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Re: Bind to meta-backend returns err=52

On Wed, 2006-03-29 at 20:20 -0500, Aaron Richton wrote:
> > This looks similar to #4429, except it's in back-meta and not back-ldap.
> Well, the commit message of the back-ldap #4429 fix:
> > fix handling of expired connections (ITS#4429; need to look at back-meta
> > as well)

Right.  It shouldn't be exactly the same issue, but it's surely related.

> and I don't think that the "look at back-meta as well" happened yet? So
> maybe give this some time and see if a patch surfaces...

Right.  It __has__ to happen by the end of the week ;).  A quick
workaround would be to comment out any idle-timeout, conn-ttl directives
in back-meta, and any ideltimeout directive in the remote server.


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