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Re: More Attributes with slapcat than with ldapsearch

At 06:01 AM 3/29/2006, Brian Gaber wrote:
>Why does slapcat produce a LDIF entry with attributes that ldapsearch does not show?

slapcat produces all the attributes stored for entry.
ldapsearch produces all the attributes of the entry (whether stored
or dynamically generated) the user requests to be returned, subject
to access controls and other restrictions.

The attributes you list below are not, by default, requested
by ldapsearch(1).  The default is "all user attributes".  Those
attributes are not user attributes, they are operational attributes.
To request all user and operational attributes, include both "*"
(for all user) and "+" (for all operational), in the list of
requested attributes.

>With my slapcat I get these additional attributes (with values), not shown by ldapsearch: