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Re: Trouble installing OpenLDAP on FC3

> There is no file:  tests/test-db/master.log.  In fact, there is no
> tests/test-db directory at all.

I'm not sure where you'd get the idea of a "test-db" directory. Every
release of OpenLDAP Software that I've seen uses a "tests/testrun"
directory (with "db*" under that). In this case, you'd probably be
interested in tests/testrun/slapd.0.log. Look in there, take a couple
messages that sound bad (like "only DB_PRIVATE environments"), and throw
them into the FAQ-O-Matic and/or Google to see what we've said about it.
If you don't see any bad messages, it might also be worth trying
"SLAPD_DEBUG='-1' ./run test000" (adjusted if necessary for your shell) in
the tests directory.