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Re: libldap-2.2.so.7 - RHEL4 library problem

On Thursday 23 March 2006 19:46, Yuugy wrote:
> Buchan,
> I'm curious how were you able to get libldap2.3.0 to
> install without conflicting with libldap2.2.  Is it
> the install location that's the key to all this or
> just registering libldap2.3.0 with the system in the
> spec file?

A sane library policy, which dictates that packages that contain libraries 
should contain only libraries, and have a unique name (based on the library 
major). Since the file names will differ if the library major differs (except 
for the "devel" aspects, eg the symlink from libsoname.so to the 
libsoname.so.$major and the headers), there is then no conflict at all, and 
simultaneous installation of multiple major versions of the library is 
possible. This eases updates (the chicken/egg problem of having to uninstall 
all software depending on the old library so that you can rebuilt it against 
the new library), and also ensures users don't have libraries removed when 
they still have (custom-compiled) software which relies on the library. It 
also makes life a bit easier on a bi-arch system.

Red Hat doesn't seem to have a policy on library packaging, and SUSE's is not 
really comprehensive (compared to Debian, Mandriva and a few other distros 
which have comprehensive and sane library packaging policies).


Buchan Milne
ISP Systems Specialist

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