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RE: libldap-2.2.so.7 - RHEL4 library problem

Hi Yuugy,

Yuugy wrote:
> I'm attempting to build OpenLDAP 2.3.20 and running
> into problems with library conflicts with
> libldap-2.2.so.7 and
> libldap2.3_0-2.3.20-1.  If I uninstall the Openldap
> 2.2.13 rpm it would remove the libldap-2.2.so.7.  I'd
> tried using Buchan Milne's Mandriva rpms from post
> "http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-software/200602/msg00379.html";
> but I get "error: Failed dependencies:
>         openldap2.3 >= 2.1.25-4mdk is needed by
> libldap2.3_0-2.3.20-1.rhel4es.i386" when attempting to
> install his libldap2.3_0-2.3.20-1.rhel4es.i386.rpm.  I
> basically want to keep libldap-2.2.so.7 but want to be
> able to install OpenLDAP 2.3.20 with the new
> libldap2.3 library.  Help!!

You are welcome to use our CDS Silver distro. It doesn't have any of the
pesky dependency problems you mention and won't interfere with your existing
installations of OpenLDAP. It also has the advantage of being supported by a
vendor. You can find the RHEL RPMs in the Downloads section of our website:


Matthew Hardin
Symas Corporation
Packaged, certified, and supported LDAP solutions powered by OpenLDAP: