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Re: DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE error with slapadd

ricardo.ferreira@cimsoft.pt wrote:

Software Specifications
 - OpenLDAP v2.3.20
 - SleepyCat   v4.4

1 - Configure database to remove automatically log files from
2 - Test with slapd service up
3 - Logs where correctly automatically removed by server

4 - Remove database files from /usr/local/var/opendap-data
5 - Stop slapd service
6 - slapadd a huge information with command slapadd
7 - Logs were create and almost full my disk

(A) The parameter "set_flags DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE" doesn't work with the
command slapadd?
(B) How could I remove the logs correctly at the end of commmand slapadd?

The DB_LOG_AUTOREMOVE option can only remove logs after a successful checkpoint occurs. The slap tools only do a checkpoint at the very end, before exiting. You should look at using "slapadd -q" instead if you don't want to deal with the logs during a slapadd.

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