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Slapcat error with crashed openldap


#1 Software Specifications:
 - OpenLDAP v2.2.20
 - SleepyCat  v4.3.27

#2 I know these are older versions but I have a new brand machine with these
 - OpenLDAP v2.3.20
 - SleepyCat  v4.4

This is what happenned.
My #1 configuration crashed and I have remove my logs from openldap-data
directory. The id2entry.bdb and dn2id.bdb are intact
I know this shouldn't be done but this works the other times.
Now I need to recover my data from #1 but slapcat doesn't work.

1 - Is there anything that I could do to recover my data?
It's very important for me to recover it.

2 - Is there any command that I could launch to reconstruct my removed logs.

Thks in advance
Ricardo Ferreira

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