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Re: easiest way to delete DC objects in my ldap tree

Kurt D. Zeilenga wrote:
At 07:15 PM 3/19/2006, Brandon McCombs wrote:
I'm working on an ldap client and testing with openldap. I would like to be able to create domain component objects using my app but I already have some in my tree. What is the easiest way to delete these w/o reinstalling openldap everytime I need to test this functionality?

as with any other object, ldap_delete_ext_s(3).


I thought that might be a man page and turns out it was...for a C function. I need a command line tool to delete them and I tried ldapdelete but it wouldn't work. I have dc=mydomain,dc=com with nothing else in the tree and I kept getting the error that I couldn't delete a non-leaf. So I did a 'make install' and put everything back. Nothing is in the directory now but if i use my program or even ldapadd to re-add the dc=com entry I get 'no global superior knowledge'. Obviously something is wrong somewhere. Can anyone tell me where I need to clean things up?