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slapadd problem with differents versions

>Fix this install/environment of OpenLDAP Software to ensure that
>the version of BDB selected at build time is also used at run

my enviroment is correct?


I can restore a few nodes but the restore doesnt continue. If enviroment of
OpenLdap isnÂt correct this is possible?
My backup has 150GB of data.

1- With FC3 and openldap 2.2.20 with backend 4.3.27 all workÂs fine with
this method.

stop ldap
slacat -c >mybackup_20060319
rm -f  /usr/local/var/openldap-data/
slapadd -c <mybackup_20060319

workÂs fine but I found a particular situation, when My database is
corrupted (db_recover -c canÂt recover and I canÂt insert new nodes )
I tryed to get back system running it tryed this alternative method:
stop ldap
slacat -c >mybackup_20060319  but only get a few nodes (not a total database
nodes) it seems that slapcat -c dosenÂt continnue
Do you have any ideas to overcome this particular problem.

2- I want to use a new version of openldap 2.3.20 with backend 4.4.20 in FC4

stop ldap
slacat -c >mybackup_20060319 (backup of 1)
i remove all files excepct DB_CONFIG
slapadd -c <mybackup_20060319

slapadd dosenÂt continued. (only add one entry).
With -c (ignore errors)  slapadd stop. Why?

When I try to start ldap in debug I get FATAL REGION Detected. My Database
is corrupted this method workÂs fine

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