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Have you gotten OTP working with Cyrus SASL sample client/server
programs?  If not, you should do that first... directing any
questions regarding how to get OTP working with these programs
to the Cyrus SASL list.  Until then...

At 12:50 PM 3/18/2006, Roland Schulz wrote:
>I try to get working openldap with OTP.
>The problem is, it isn't in the list of supportedSASLMechanisms even though I compiled cyrus-sasl with otp support.
>ldapsearch -Y OTP says:
>Authentication method not supported
>but for unknown Mechs it says:
>Unknown authentication method
>So it seams to know something about OTP.
>Also strange is, that PLAIN isn't working even though I set
>sasl-secprops   none
>both in slapd.conf and ldap.conf
>DIGEST-MD5 is working.
>Versions: cyrus-sasl-2.1.21, openldap 2.3.19
>Roland Schulz