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Re: Hardware specs for OpenLDAP

I am certainly not an expert but your volumes look very modest.

What are your memory choices? More is always better and not very expensive. If you get enough and cache the LDAP data properly you will not have to worry about disk. Get 2 Gb of memory if you can. 1Gb will probably do.
1 disk is enough 2 will hardly help.
1 CPU should be enough for the transaction volume you are forecasting.

What are the choices that you have to make? Hardware come in such huge chunks and generally can be upgraded for very little, it is not a place to spend a lot of time worrying.
Your caching parameters, schema structure and query strategies will likely make more of a difference than any hardware decision.


Jennifer Abel wrote:
Hello All,

I am very new to OpenLDAP. I have been trying to locate documentation
that will give me an idea of what kind of hardware the system that I
need will require. I have searched the archives. My search terms may not
have been the best as I have not found anything of much use. I am
setting up an OpenLDAP database for my mail servers to authenticate
against over a network. Right now they are authing against a MySQL
database on a DL360G2 with out too much trouble. I am expecting to use a
new DL360G4 for the LDAP server as well. I was wondering if someone
knows where there might be documents that could help me correctly scale
my hardware for the task at hand. Any advice would be greatly
appreciated as well.

Currently we have about:
68,000 records.
10 modifications a hour.
340 Queries a minute.

Each query will be for one specific record. The records will be indexed.
I would like to be able to handle 3x that amount of traffic.

Thanks a Bunch, Jennifer