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Selecting the destination server based on the binddn

I'm trying to use back-meta to select the target server based on the
binddn. E.g. if a user binds as uid=bla-username1,dc=bar the meta backend
should direct him to: ldap://ldap.bla.bar and if another user connects
as uid=fasel-username2,dc=bar the meta backend should direct him to:
ldap://ldap.fasel.bar. Is this possible? I use:

rewriteContext  bindDN
rewriteRule     "uid=([a-z0-9]+)-([a-z0-9-]+)(.+)"
"%{&&target(%1)}%{&&name(%2)}uid=%2%3" ":"

to get target and username but didn't find anything usefull on howto
rewrite the destination URI with openldap2.2. Any help would be
 -- Guido